Awaiting the Dark Lord.

A group of doctors are sitting in a conference room and a lawyer is talking about legal advocacy in the medical setting.

--What if--?

--We really don't know. But it is possible.

--But what if--?

--Again, you're talking about reading tea leaves. But, that is one possibility.

--Can we really be put in that kind of position?

--It is not totally unprecedented from a legal point of view. And it's the kind of thing that President-elect Trump is talking about. So for your patients, it's important to think about that in terms of the kind of documentation you use now. 

Doesn't matter what the topic was. Just that... everyone who cares about medical care for poor people is waiting for the shadow to appear overhead.

Soundtrack from SoundCloud: from before the election, on the Mexican side of the line, Borchi decided not to take the Empire that seriously; and farther south, there's an Argentine take:


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