Gene Sperling vs go-go music: block parties, not block grants

Gene Sperling reminds us: don't get distracted by strategic retreats from Medicare cuts; the Medicaid cuts are coming. And who will stop them?

For this op-ed, no choice but to go with "Numbers Game" sung by Chuck Brown as a guest for the Thievery Corporation. Check the video for a view of the now-departed Godfather of Go-Go, meetin and greetin. About one of three DC residents are Medicaid beneficiaries, and in this video, Chuck Brown isn't driving around the private platinum plan neighborhoods of DC, so figure it's more than a third of the folks in this video.

Wait: You don't know go-go? (That song isn't exactly go-go: it's the DC musical collagists Thievery Corporation digging on go-go, to which I have no objection.) Go-go is kinda like DC statehood: a local idea unjustly kept local.

For me, a record store nerd on the West Coast, the briefly-glimpsed go-go true religion was Trouble Funk, which got together for their 30th year reunion... seven years ago. Like we might say back home... I'm hella old. Anyway, this is go-go, at least to my ears:


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