Feel your weight, the remix

This song was pretty good the first time around, on Rhye’s album Blood. Then there’s this remix by Poolside (who describe their vibe as “daytime disco”), from Blood Remixed, which amps up the song’s sexeh-sexeh bass and also turns a shy little melodic riff into, like, a full-on roller rink.

In fact, if this song hits you where you live just as hard as it did for me, you will not just be feeling “poolside”, but poolside on a pool that’s actually on the top deck of an exclusive cruise ship. Which sounds like I hate it.


No, madam. I do not hate it. I love it. This is not some kind of Scientology cruise ship being quarantined for measles. No this is a very different kind of cruise indeed. It is sexeh-sexeh. This song is like the hook-ups that might occur on that cruise ship, if it held a bunch of “brand ambassadors” who had to leave their cell phones at the dock, and just hang out with each other, having only their mysteriously compelling sexeh-sexehness and beguiling but slightly corrupt personas that helped them become brand ambassadors in the first place. The flirting these people would do—it might have this bass line.

This bass line is so precisely targeted deep into the pelvic mid-line that it will wordlessly remind you that you can improve your sexeh-sexeh dancing solely by focusing on moving your hips to the bass melody. Maybe only this bass melody, though. Even if you’re dancing to a different song. Just keep moving your hips to this song, and you’ll probably still be coming out ahead. Because… Feel your weight.